Mini Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh (মিনি বাটন ফোন)

The use of mini mobile phones as optional mobile phones has increased day-by-day in Bangladesh. Mini keypad mobile phones are very small devices that are easy to transport in any small pocket or purse. Mini keypad mobiles come with a variety of special features that makes it popular among the users of Bangladesh. The common and special features of most of the popular mini keypad mobile phones are below discussed in details:

Body and Design

One of the primary reasons why mini mobile phones are popular is their eye-catching design. Mini keypad phones are available in different shapes and sizes. Even the mini phones are available in the form of pen boxes, kid’s toys and mini makeup boxes.

Mini Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh (মিনি বাটন ফোন)

Mobile Body Size

Generally all the types of keypad, touch-keypad mini phones are very simple and small in size with high quality plastic frame. Most of the mini mobile phones are between 1.5 inches width and 2.5 inches height. Touch-keypad mini mobiles (Card phones) have become most popular among Bangladeshi smartphone users mainly because of such attractive design, small size and easy to transport.

Dual Stand SIM

All the mini button mobile phones is support dual SIM card without Nokia and Samsung. Mini mobiles are an ideal as rough phone for those who need multiple numbers such as: Telecom or mobile banking agent businessman.


All the mini keypad mobile phones have a 1.77 inches display  with QQVGA 128 x 160 pixels resolutions. It provides colorful wallpaper and mid-range video performance.

Mini Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh (মিনি বাটন ফোন)


Most of the mini keypad phones offer a digital camera for capturing memorable moments and documents. Unfortunately, some of the mini phones doesn’t provide camera.

Battery Backup

Mini button mobile phone battery backup in standby mode to last up to a week. Most of the mini mobile phones have 800mAh-1000mAh battery capacity that the working time can last up to a day when used. Most of the phone’s battery is removable without card mini mobile phones.


We see a lot of the mini phones have MediaTek chipset to build, but some of the phones have a SpreadTrum processor with a basic operating system. MediaTek based phones may be long-term lasting and serve good network signals. Otherwise, SpreadTrum based mini mobile phones provide better charging backup than MTK processor based phones.

Storage and Connectivity

All type mini mobile has basic 4MB internal memory storage and support up to 16GB or 32GB external microSD memory card to increase storage. The mini phones phonebook capacity is up to 1000 contact numbers, 50 MMS and 200 SMS. Mini keypad mobile phones have a micro USB port for recharging and data transfer, and have a 3.5 mm audio jack. Some of the phone offers flashlight and power saving mode. 

Mini Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh (মিনি বাটন ফোন)

FM Radio

Mini mobile phones have wireless FM radio without headphone connection. So you can to listen to breaking news or live sports news anytime by the FM radio. Most of the mini phone does not require any antenna, connection or wire to capture radio channel frequencies.


Mini button mobile phones can be connected with smartphone, earphone, MP3 player, ECO device through Bluetooth connection. The mini phone’s sound volume can be limited or increased from the smartphone via Bluetooth connection and the music from the smartphone can be heard by the mini mobile phone. In addition, the phone calls can be received through the smartphone which is a special feature of mini mobile phones.

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Special Feature

Every mini mobile phone has a lot of daily necessary features that help our professional life, such as: Calculator, whitelist, blacklist, to-do-list, notepad, calendar, stopwatch, flashlight, alarm, clock etc.

Mini Mobile Phone Price in Bangladesh (মিনি বাটন ফোন)

Mini Mobile Phones Price in Bangladesh

Mini button mobiles are available starting from BDT 900/-TK to  BDT 2,800/-TK in Bangladesh. Most of the mini button phones are priced based on body, design, performance, battery backup, and features. However, the mini button phones are more expensive than general keypad feature mobiles.

Brand & ModelPrice in Bangladesh
Agetel AG11 ProBDT ৳950/-TK
Icon BD72 (Card)BDT ৳1500/-TK
Vmax V17BDT ৳1400/- TK
Micronex MX-58 (Card)BDT ৳1800/-TK
Nokia BM10 (Mini)BDT ৳1200/-TK
Bontel S3BDT ৳1390/-TK

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